Specialties: Anxiety, Depression Relationship Issues, Life Transitions, Grief and Loss

Dr. Avena believes the most important aspect of an effective and positive therapy experience is the quality of the relationship between a therapist and a client. The process of realizing the need or desire for therapy, as well as the process of choosing a therapist, can be challenging. Dr. Avena believes in establishing a constructive therapeutic relationship from the beginning in order to create a sense of safety and comfort for her clients. Dr. Avena enjoys working with clients struggling with a range of difficulties, including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, relationship difficulties, family conflict, trauma, life transitions, and work-related stress.

Dr. Avena works with adults and couples from a psychodynamic and client-centered perspective, and is quite experienced utilizing various cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based techniques.

Dr. Avena's style is empathic, non-judgmental, and culturally sensitive. Dr. Avena's approach is highly individualized as she provides interventions based on the unique needs of the individual or couple.