Allison Poster-Katz, MHC LP

Staff Therapist 

Specialities: Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Relationship Issues

Allison believes the relationship between therapist and client is the foundation of therapy.  Her goal as a therapist is to create a safe space that is supportive and non judgmental which helps clients open up and feel comfortable sharing.  She wants you to feel heard and understood. As a therapist and dietitian, Allison believes the journey to mental health involves caring for ourselves in a holistic manner. How we think, what we eat, how we move impacts our mental well-being.

Allison possesses a thorough knowledge and practical use of counseling theories, with a preference towards cognitive behavioral therapy. Her favorite motto is “What we think is what we become”.  She believes what we tell ourselves and how we think dictates how we perceive the world.  This perception becomes our reality.  Problems may arise when thoughts become distorted and negatively impacts one's view of self and life.  Allison believes therapy provides the opportunity for clients to explore these challenges and create thought patterns that promote self-growth and healing.  

With the use of various cognitive behavioral techniques, Allison will teach you skills to cope with challenges in a healthier way. She will work with you to create a path that is dictated by what you want your life to be about rather than what hinders you.

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