Anna Spencer, LMSW, MDiv

Staff Therapist 

Specialities: Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Trauma, Sexuality, and Grief

Anna’s approach to therapy is warm, relational, and empowering. Recognizing the healing that comes from being truly seen and heard, Anna strives to create a collaborative environment where individuals and couples can deepen their knowledge of themselves through increased empathy and understanding. While Anna may integrate liberation-based healing practices or psychoanalytic approaches, relationships are prioritized as a place for both individual and collective healing. Through attending to the relationships that we have with ourselves and others, Anna believes that we are all gifted an opportunity to reflect on the influences of the past so that we can practice new ways of being in the future. 

To obtain her LMSW, Anna completed a dual master’s degree program at Union Theological Seminary and Silberman School of Social Work, where she concentrated in mental health. Anna specializes in supporting with people who are working through trauma, depression, anxiety, and life transitions. However, she will always strive to understand the uniqueness of your pain and strengths based on your lived experiences. After working in the field of hospice and crisis interventions, Anna wants to support you in living a meaningful life now. 

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